Welcome to The Monarch Crusader!

If you’re here, you’re probably a nature lover, like me.  Or maybe you want to convince someone else to be one.  This is a great place to start.

The purpose of this site is to educate, and to promote conservation.  The information you need will be listed on my Resource page.  When the Junior Crusader pages are complete, you will have a roadmap of activities to help save the monarch, together with levels of achievement and rewards.

Raising monarch butterflies is an excellent Introduction to Nature  project for families, classrooms and youth groups.  It starts with a hunt for caterpillars, and ends with the release of a miracle less than a month later.  All sorts of discoveries abound along the way, while happy memories of friends and family expeditions are created.


The Monarch Butterfly Crusader

Every day I scour dozens of news articles, blogs, discussion lists, facebook pages and groups and websites to bring you the best up to date information on what is happening in the monarch world. You receive only the smallest fraction of my posts, so please drop by and scroll. When you like, comment, or share, facebook sends the post to more people. This is the best way to get the most number of people inspired to conserve the monarch, and the rest of the ecosystem.