This winter, I spent endless hours scouring the trails and woods in search of cocoons. I found few prizes, and have had to satisfy myself with fungi, old nests, and way too many gypsy moth egg cases. If you are a lepiphile like me (yes I just made that word up), maybe you’re ready for some of the four season nature activities exquisitely described in Nature Where We Live.

Don Scallen has combined beautiful verse with the thrill of the hunt. He selected 14 of his favourite activities to explore our natural world without going far from home, something we really need right now. You can learn to hunt for caterpillars at night, discover underwater pearls you thought existed only at vacation destinations, and some furry friends by noticing their clues. While not a field guide, you will learn basic interesting information about the wildlife you might find, along with tips and tricks Don has accumulated through years of experience, trial and error.

From Stream Dipping, Webb Wonders, and Searching For Fairies (a late Spring activity you can start right away), to Salamander Magic, you’re sure to find something that inspires you to get out of the house, and grab a young person to take along. $20 from Amazon Canada.

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With all the buzz about human intervention possibly harming our monarchs, some people are asking,  SHOULD WE STILL RAISE MONARCH BUTTERFLIES? The answer is still… yes! There are been a

Mexico and Monarchs Day 1

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After 6 months of planning, it is wonderful to finally be in MonarchLand.   The weather was perfect when we landed, mid 70’s.  We were greeted by our Craftours rep

Book Review: Learn About Butterflies in the Garden, by Brenda Dziedzic

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  Learn About Butterflies in the Garden is a treasure that will delight both the beginner and advanced butterfly enthusiast.  How can it appeal to both?  Because it has close