We started the day back in our gorgeous downtown Hilton hotel, with its never ending buffet breakfast:

Honey dripping form the comb!

custom omelettes, fresh figs, a fruit bar where the chef cuts it just for you, a decadent assortment of breads and pastries, fresh exotic fruit juices, all kinds of veggies and gluten free, various mueslis, yoghurt, cereals, well, you name it.  It was a free day, but most of us opted for the excursion.  It started with a crazy fun boat ride.  Imagine a canal crammed with a hundred identical flat bottom bumper boats, that are steered gondola style with just a pole.

Crazy boat ride!

Mexicans rent them for an hour or two for picnics!  As we were about to launch, a vendor jumped on our boat, and we vultured through her collection of necklaces.  When we were shopped out, she stayed on to string more.  In the meantime, a different jewelry seller boarded, and off we went again.  Other vendors linked to us, displaying all kinds of goods.  How fun!  There were three boats of tuxedo clad musicians, who, for a small fee, would play your favourite song, just for you.

Hundreds of souvenir stands

On debarkation, we picked up our last minute souvenirs, and headed off for a guided bus and walking tour in the older part of town.  We ended our day with a farewell dinner at our hotel, where I gifted everyone with three of my home made photo cards.  The fun part was that everyone got to trade with the others, between courses, in order to wind up with their favourites.  Again between courses, we took turns talking about person highlights of the trip.

It’s not every trip that has a company rep, a local guide, and a monarch expert.  We worked together to provide the best possible experience.  We made mistakes, and learned from them.  Many times, we were able to split the group into two according to their preferences.  Next year, we depart February 25 for 8 days, sponsored again by Save Our Monarchs Foundation.   Write me at monarchcrusader@gmail.com to be put on the mailing list, so I can tell you when the tour is posted on craftours.com.   There are just 20 spots.

Huge art street festival!
Grabbing a bite with the locals.

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