Kylee Baumle is a monarch enthusiast, writer, and photographer.  Put those elements together with up to date detailed research, and scientific supervision by Professor Dr. Lincoln Brower, and you have the recipe for the outstanding book Baumle has gifted to us.

In 159 beautifully illustrated pages, Baumle covers it all, and then some.  From life cycle, predators, milkweed, and history, to raising, tagging, arts and crafts, and advocacy , Baumle reveals her passion on every page.  Her style is casual and first person, like a friend having coffee with you.  Her easy to read and delightful to see approach does not prevent her from including detailed scientific information you have wondered about, but never wanted to plow through the more serious monarch works.  She knows that the more you learn, and the more you delight, the more likely you are to follow her countless ways to conserve ‘our most beloved butterfly’.

The appendix alone is worth the price of the book.  It includes extensive listings of milkweeds, sources of milkweed seeds and plants, recommendations for nectar plants, details of the insects you are most likely to see feeding on your milkweed, where to visit overwintering monarchs, charitable organizations you may wish to donate to, books, films, and helpful websites, and even a facebook page.

You’ll love the facts and factoids in this book, and refer to it often.  It’s the perfect gift for yourself, and the monarch lovers in your life.

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  1. Carol, thank you SO much for this beautiful review and synopsis of my book. It means a lot to me, since you are such a respected member of the monarch community. I hope we will one day get to meet in person and have a good long chat about this amazing insect we both love so much!

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