Presentation Tips and Tricks

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Welcome to the club.  You have raised your first monarchs.  While there is so much more to learn, you’ve picked up a lot, and you are exploding to share.  In

Which is the best guided tour to Mexico?

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Now that I’m  … mature…   tours are my preferred way to travel.  I like to leave my brains at home, and just enjoy that someone else is taking care of

MexiRocks Then and Now

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In 2015, I took my first trip to see the monarchs at their overwintering grounds in Mexico.  I wanted to experience the sight of tens of thousand of monarchs at

Mexico Monarch sanctuaries: Which are the best?

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There are four main sanctuaries for tourists, El Rosario, Sierra Chincua, Piedra Herrada, and Cerro Pelon.  Based on interviews and personal experiences, I’m going to rank them for you.  I

Book Review: Learn About Butterflies in the Garden, by Brenda Dziedzic

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  Learn About Butterflies in the Garden is a treasure that will delight both the beginner and advanced butterfly enthusiast.  How can it appeal to both?  Because it has close

Book Review: The Monarch – Saving Our Most-Loved Butterfly, by Kylee Baumle

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Kylee Baumle is a monarch enthusiast, writer, and photographer.  Put those elements together with up to date detailed research, and scientific supervision by Professor Dr. Lincoln Brower, and you have

MonarchLand Day 7 Mexico City!

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We started the day back in our gorgeous downtown Hilton hotel, with its never ending buffet breakfast: custom omelettes, fresh figs, a fruit bar where the chef cuts it just

MonarchLand Day 6 Toluca Botanical Garden & Mexico City

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I have to be honest with you.  I didn’t get very excited when I heard we were going to be visiting a botanical garden with stained glass windows, but I

MonarchLand Day 5 El Rosario & Cooking Lesson!

February 22, 2017 7 Comments 0 tags

After visiting Sierra Chincua two days before, and hearing that El Rosario was even better, anticipation was high.  While half the group took the horses, I joined the walking group.

MonarchLand Day 4 MexiCrafts!

February 17, 2017 4 Comments 0 tags

Today was another incredible day.  We went to Macheros, to revisit the kids whom last year we taught to paint the MexiRocks that Save Our Monarchs has been selling on