After our gourmet breakfast at the luxurious Rancho San Cayetano, we headed for our first monarch sanctuary.  Our fabulous guide, Estela Romero, reporter for Journey North, educated us on Mexican culture, and agriculture, along the way.  I hope you meet her one day.  She is a real gem.

You better like tortillas, cheese and beans if you go.

The sun was shining when we arrived at Sierra Chincua.  We practically had the whole place to ourselves.  Four of us decided to walk instead of taking a horse.  Hey, we’re fit!  Fortunately, the guides were smarter than we were, and followed us with a horse.  Within 5 minutes, we had all caved!

We stood in awe watching the monarchs roosting and in flight.    I was so excited to get some shots good enough to put on the wall.   The experience was moving and breathtaking;  thousands and thousands of monarchs covering the branches and tree trunks, coming and going and jostling for position.IMG_1948

We are grateful to Save Our Monarchs for initiating this trip through Craftours.  One cannot help but have a deep commitment to saving our monarchs after seeing what we saw today.


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  1. Carol! IT’s the altitude, not your fitness experience! Besides, using the horses uplifts the local economy while it only costs you a few dollars.

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