The extensive buffet breakfast at the Hilton was a beautiful way to start the day.  We headed to Metepec.  Our guest guide the one and only Estela Romero, ace reporter for Journey North, pointed out the sites on the way, so we didn’t notice the crazy Mexico City traffic for quite a while.  We didn’t have as much time to explore the craft market as we had hoped, but it was different and interesting.  We are with people who go with the flow;  monarch and craft people are so wonderful.  I picked up a few monarch treasures, which I will post when I get a chance.  And I outfitted a vendor with her first pair of reading glasses.  She was thrilled!  We arrived in Zitacuaro, our jump off point for the sanctuaries, to a perfect dinner where we unwound for the day.  Our rooms are stunning;  the service, first class.  Tomorrow, Sierra Chincua, with good weather!

This shopkeeper was thrilled to get glasses!
Browsing the craft market in Metepec

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