After 6 months of planning, it is wonderful to finally be in MonarchLand.   The weather was perfect when we landed, mid 70’s.  We were greeted by our Craftours rep Pam Holland, who put us on a van and off we went, while she stayed behind to welcome the next group landing at a later time.

Although I was tired from our 5:15 wake up time, my partner Audrey and  I, and our two new friends Walt and Janice from Dallas,  immediately started our first mission:  to buy paint and other art supplies to take to the families in Macheros and Zitacuaro.  Last year, we set  up the former to paint monarchs on rocks to sell to tourists.  Save Our Monarchs jumped in to offer them on their website,, where several hundred were sold.  Most of these kids had never had a paintbrush in their hand, and now, their work is excellent, they

We felt very safe meandering downtown.

enjoy school more, they have money in their pocket, and money for the school.  This week, we will introduce rock and Christmas ornament painting to a new group of families in Zitacuaro, near the El Rosario and Sierra Chincua monarch sanctuaries.  The half hour walk to Fantasias Miguel (sounds like Michael’s, no?) was quite an adventure, a mix of old and modern shopping and buildings, with pedestrian only boulevards.

With funds from Save Our Monarchs, generated from previous rock sales, we stocked up on acrylic paint, brushes, sealer, and ribbon,  and staggered back with it to our oh so gorgeous Hilton Hotel, conveniently located right in the heart of the action.

I am excited to present the new supplies to the kids and adults in Macheros, especially the gold metallic paint, which the kids can use to add the final touch of realistic detail to their chrysalids.

We met the rest of our Craft Tours group for dinner at our hotel.How fun and interesting to meet monarch and craft afficionados from all over the county.  At dinner, I gave a copy of my book  (How to Raise Monarch Butterflies A Step-by-Step Guide for Kids), to everyone.


Great first day!

Danauses decorate everything!

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  1. Fantastic! Looking forward to your blogs.
    I’m terrible at drawing a butterfly but found that I can use my thumb print and index print to
    “draw” a butterfly and most of the chrysalis!

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